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Klemntyna Shares More About Her Music and Upcoming Plans on the Sound Scrub Podcast by Lisa Danae

Sound Scrub by Lisa Danae
Sound Scrub by Lisa Danae

Originally from London, pop/R&B artist, Klemntyna, now resides in New York. Pulling inspiration from her life in New York, we learn more about her latest single, "Purple Skies", alongside producers, Sander A. Thoresen and Thomas Hjoerringgaard. Before her departure to New York, Klemntyna was able to work face-to-face with Sander and Thomas in London. This song came together very naturally for all three of them and they've achieved a mesmerizing production that with Klemntyna's vocals, this song just sounds so smooth like butter. Download and stream "Purple Skies" by Klemntyna: To learn more about Klemntyna, please visit her on her Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.


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