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Klemntyna, music artist & founder a women empowerment collective, FemZquared, interviewed by Glo NYC

GLO Spotlight - Klemntyna
GLO Spotlight - Klemntyna

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Klementyna and I am the founder of FEMILY. I now study at King’s College London, from which I will be graduating next year with a degree in Liberal Arts and Music. I am currently based in New York, attending The New School for a semester as part of my degree. I have always been passionate about music and centered my professional goals around the music industry since I started as a performer at 12. This journey has been filled with various financial hardships and for sure shaped a big part of my personality- at one point I couldn't afford my education at NYU Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music despite trying effortlessly to gain contact with hundreds of professionals- but I'm proud to say that I'm now a recording and performing artist under my stage name “Klemntyna,” writing, co-producing, and collaborating on my original music with my talented friends based across the world. I also perform shows and have performed at The Bitter End, Rockwood Music Hall, and The Bowery Electric. I'm currently working on my next singles and eventually my first EP, which will hopefully be released by the end of 2020!

2. Tell us more about your new project, FEMILY.

I started FEMILY with the intention of creating a diverse network of strong and confident young women who will inspire and support others to define their own “success” - accomplish goals, share their stories or reflections, and promote authenticity. As an aspiring musical artist and entrepreneur, I spend a large amount of my time working on social media, which I can say serves as the cause of some of my most serious struggles and doubts. I came up with the idea of FEMILY amidst a personal emotional crisis, when social media, though useful and entertaining, made me feel isolated, lonely. I found myself comparing myself to others. I noticed how social media impacts young women by highlighting only the appealing aspects of lives and makes it hard for us to cope with increasing pressures from social media concerning our appearance, lifestyle, goals, or occupation. After talking to many of my female friends in creative industries, I realized the severity of this underestimated issue. FEMILY aspires to change that. The goal of this project is to introduce diversity into the definition of “success” promoted by social media. I asked my female friends from various cultures, ethnicities, families, economic backgrounds, and industries to share their thoughts on their biggest accomplishments on our Instagram page, @femilysf. My long-term plans for the project are to create mentorship programs, organize panels with our inspiring female professionals, and build a supportive community.

3. How has GLO helped you on your journey?

GLO was the first leadership conference that I had ever attended and I remember how much it inspired me to train to become a better leader. I have always been inspired by confident and charismatic leaders, since I have naturally been very shy, but I didn’t really have the courage to lead. Even though it takes years to truly become a good and successful leader, GLO has given me the tools to start. I had a chance to learn ways to organize my work and my goals in a more effective way, to manage teams and be an effective and good leader, and most importantly to know what kind of leadership to aspire to.


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